Tuesday 31 December 2013

Excellence in Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Pharmig (Pharmaceutical Microbiology Interest Group) presented its inaugural award for ‘Excellence in Pharmaceutical Microbiology’ to Tim Sandle at its annual conference in November 2013. Pharmig is an international professional organisation representing pharmaceutical microbiology.
The award is intended for an individual who was made a major contribution to the advancement of knowledge in pharmaceutical microbiology, and for promoting the discipline through communication and education.
The selection was made from a field of leading international pharmaceutical microbiologists and the eligibility criteria was that each candidate had to be nominated and that each nominated person must have made a significant contribution to the scientific discipline over a substantial period of time. The nominations were reviewed by a panel.
Although feeling a little too young for a ‘lifetime achievement’ award, Tim said: “I deeply honoured to have been recognised by my peers and to have received this award. The other people nominated are ones that I hold in high regard, so receiving this accolade is very special.”

Posted by Victor Grayson

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