Thursday 30 January 2014

Environmental Disinfection Systems

The ECR institute have a useful on-line review of different environmental disinfection systems, including UV and hydrogen peroxide technologies:

“In this article, we focus on products that use one of two methods to reduce room bioburden (i.e., the number of microorganisms within the room): UV light and hydrogen peroxide.”

“UV light and hydrogen peroxide share the following characteristics: (1) they cannot be used in an occupied space, (2) they are used after room cleaning to ensure maximum effectiveness, (3) they add to room turnover time, (4) they leave no harmful residue, and (5) they have no residual antimicrobial effect (i.e., they do not continue to kill microorganisms after a new patient is brought into the room).”

To view the article, go to ECR.

Posted by Tim Sandle

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