Tuesday 28 January 2014

Hydrogen peroxide vaporizers

The journal Clinical Infectious Diseases has an article about hydrogen peroxide vaporizers. In the study the devices were placed in single hospital rooms after routine cleaning to disperse a thin film of the bleaching hydrogen peroxide across all exposed hospital equipment surfaces, as well as on room floors and walls.

The study examines the impact on surfaces in relation to bacteria. The reference is:

C. L. Passaretti, J. A. Otter, N. G. Reich, J. Myers, J. Shepard, T. Ross, K. C. Carroll, P. Lipsett, T. M. Perl. An Evaluation of Environmental Decontamination With Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor for Reducing the Risk of Patient Acquisition of Multidrug-Resistant Organisms. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2012; 56 (1)

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