Friday 4 April 2014

What are modular cleanrooms?

Modular cleanroom construction offers an alternative to conventional construction for spaces that require flexibility in terms of future needs, a restricted build timeline, or the need to keep using the current facility, according to by MaryBeth DiDonna. 

Pre-engineering modular cleanrooms allow for the development of components that collaborate with each other but still work for a range of applications. Pre-engineering systems and components can cut down on design time and can incorporate standard, mass produced parts, such as wall systems as well as window/door/ceiling options.

The prefabricated design allows a modular room to be expanded, relocated, separated into several smaller rooms, or rearranged into a different shape. Modular cleanrooms, since they aren’t an integral part of a larger structure, can even be dissembled and moved to a different facility, unlike fixed wall cleanrooms. The rooms can also be expanded by removing a wall and adding on another module.

For further details and to read a detailed article, see Controlled Environments

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