Friday 12 June 2015

Maturation of the Infant Microbiome

We now know more than ever before about the complex ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and viruses within our bodies. How can that knowledge be best applied? Here is one example relating to infants.

"Like babies themselves, the intestinal microbiomes of infants start out in an immature state and over time grow into communities similar to those of adults. In a new survey of 98 Swedish babies whose microbiota were sampled several times during their first year of life, researchers found that the microbiomes of breastfed infants persisted in a “younger” state longer than those of non-breastfed babies, even after the introduction of solid foods", writes Kerry Gens.

In relation to this, The Scientist presents some interesting new research.

"Researchers from University of Gothenburg in Sweden and their colleagues found more adult-like taxa in the microbiomes of babies who stopped breastfeeding earlier, while the microbiota of babies breastfed for longer were dominated by bacteria present in breastmilk. The results, published in Cell Host & Microbe."

Posted by Victor Grayson

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