Monday 1 June 2015

Patented Clean Room System Set to Improve Standards

A revolutionary granted patented system is set to massively improve the standard of installation in internal corners when sheet vinyl is a requirement in sterile environments.

The system, which has been developed through a desire to improve standards and installation methods that have been used for more than 30 years, is the work of a father and son who recognised the need for development with particular reference to the internal corners of clean sterile environments.

The system consists of a phthalate free preformed seamless ‘Trimitre’ cove former and a stencil. Used together gives the installer the ability to provide a snag free internal corner.

Their experience in the flooring industry has led them in their quest to improve the standards required by ISO14644-4 Design, Construction and Start Up. This standard outlines and requires the need to radius all junctions, floor to wall and wall to wall but does not cover how internal corners are achieved, arguably the most critical part of any clean sterile environment. The new system can now provide a standard that can be met. The system has been submitted to the BSI for consideration into the current revision of the standard.

The patented clean air room system complies with all the standards, regulations and directives of the ISO14644-4, the regulatory body for pharmaceutical facilities the MHRA, and the European Commission.

ISO14644-4  - E1.4; Corners and junctions may be radiused, especially at floor-to wall and wall-to-wall junctions, so that effective cleaning is facilitated.

MHRA - cleanable, impervious and did not allow the build-up of dirt or residue.

European Commission - interior surfaces (walls, floors and ceilings) should be smooth, free from cracks and open joints, and should not shed particulate matter and should permit easy and effective cleaning and, if necessary, disinfection.

The patented system, which comprises of two granted patents, has both patents placed on the ISO database.

The system also aims to improve health and safety aspects for installers within their industry in reducing the risk of cuts and grazes whilst ‘fashioning’ cove former with a cutting knife to achieve a radius for vinyl to be applied and reduce the need to use harmful substances.

The system that has been seen as a major step forward in the ability in the reduction of bacteria gathering and hibernating in internal corners, provides a uniform, consistent, smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain long after the installation has taken place.

The system is being offered to architects and designers who have a duty of care under the new Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015 that have come into force in April 2015 to ensure that all materials are sensibly sourced and the health and safety of all those on a construction site should be of paramount importance and furthermore, standards are improved.

Installation training in the use of the patented system is also being offered to installers, flooring companies and to architects and designers as well as regulatory bodies to ensure standards are improved and understood and specifications are met and adhered to.

The training provided to architects, designers and regulatory bodies is to raise awareness of current practices and to highlight the benefits of the new patented system.

You can view an installation video showing the system in use by visiting Cutting Corners.

You can also view more technical information and specification guidance by visiting our Linkedin account ‘Cutting Corners Ltd ‘Flooring Solutions’.

Steve Alford

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