Sunday, 8 November 2015

Chemical hazards and poisons report

Public Health England has issued the 25th edition of the chemical hazards and poisons report, surveying incidences in England. This edition focuses on chemical incident management, evidence base development and the provision of chronic exposure health risk advice.

This edition presents two papers with examples of PHE’s involvement in the management of waste fires. The first paper discusses the impact of complex fire fighting strategies and centres on the provision of public health advice to the multiagency partners. Two air quality cells were convened: the first one during the early stages of the fire and the second was needed due to the change in fire fighting strategy by the fire and rescue services. The second article highlights how a fairly routine fire at a peanut factory can raise some unusual issues as a result of uncommon allergens in smoke during the acute and recovery phases.

The report can be accessed here: PHE

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