Wednesday 11 November 2015

Structural aspects regarding surgical pathology of children

A new paper of interest:

“This study illustrates the structural aspects of processed pieces, prepared as microscopic preparations, after the appendectomy of children. For the study, information from cases that came to the emergency service, from the specialized hospitals for children from Braşov and surrounding counties, was used. With the study 12 cases of appendectomy diagnosed with gangrenous acute appendicitis, complicated by peritonitis, were selected. The patients were children from both from the urban and the rural environment. The children were admitted to the emergency service with acute symptomatalogy. The surgery pieces were analyzed using Hematoxilyn Eosin and Van Gieson stains, from samples taken after appendectomies, for the cases with the abovementioned pathologies. For comparison of the histopathology diagnosis, microscopic preparations, prepared with Gömöri Silver Impregnation stains of normal appendixes, were used.”

The paper has been written by Antonella Chesca, Tim Sandle, Dmitriy Babenko, and Ilya Azzov. The reference is:

Chesca, A., Sandle, T., Babenko, D. and Azzov, I. (2015) Structural aspects regarding surgical pathology of children, Annals of the Romanian Society for Cell Biology, 14 (9): 65-69 doi: 10.ANN/RSCB-2015-0024:RSCB

The paper can be accessed online here.

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