Friday 26 June 2020

Life Science Blogs To Follow

From BioPharma Trends:

"We have decided to summarize a list of niche blogs, mostly personal, run by the Life Science professionals - scientists, business leaders. Such blogs often provide personalized insights into certain areas of drug discovery, biotech, and business, which are not properly covered by the mainstream media, or covered in very general strokes. Reading blogs is a great way to explore nuances of the industry -- through the prism of personal opinions and experiences of the authors."

I'm pleased that this website - Pharmaceutical Microbiology resources - is featured in the list:

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

The site was created by Dr. Tim Sandle in 2009 to discuss pharmaceutical microbiology and healthcare. The posts are published every day. There is a lot of interesting information regarding microbes, bacteria, and disinfection, laboratory techniques, vaccines, antibiotics, and more. Sometimes, Dr. Sandle creates videos, where he explains different topics, including the latest series related to the COVID_19 pandemic.

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