Wednesday 7 October 2020

NHS needs support


Imagine waiting for months for the operation you or your loved one so desperately needs. Now imagine waking up this morning to the news that hundreds of thousands of us could face a “tsunami of cancelled operations” this winter. Knowing your wait for care could be dragged out even longer is a terrible feeling.

Without emergency funding, experts, NHS bosses and doctors are warning of a difficult winter ahead - with operations backing up, the usual winter chaos and a second wave of Covid-19 beginning to bite.

Right now, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is deciding where the government will spend money over the coming years. [4] And with so much at stake for all of us who rely on it, we have to make sure that funding our NHS this winter is right at the top of his agenda.

There are millions of us reading this email. And if all of us signed a petition today, it could be enough to pile on the pressure and secure the emergency funding our NHS so desperately needs. But we have to act fast - before Rishi Sunak makes his decisions.

If you think the Chancellor should do what it takes to protect our NHS this winter, please will you add your name? It takes 30 seconds to sign:


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