Saturday 10 October 2020

Pharmig virtual events

Pharmig want to leave this year on a virtual high note and have restructured the traditional face-to-face Annual Adriatic Conference (21st & 22nd Oct) and 28th Annual Conference (2nd & 3rd Dec) to now become ‘new normal’ virtual meetings.

Although the Adriatic event was researched with local contacts – you might well find the sessions are of interest to you too. Presentations include:

- Draft Annex 1 changes and its impact on cleaning & disinfection
- Impact of SARS-CoV-2 in cleanroom operations
- Biofilms in water
- Microbiological culture media

For the 28th Annual Conference sessions include:

- Megalab experience – testing for SARS-CoV-2 RNA from 0 to 3 million tests in 5 months
- Hand sanitizers: what to look for and how to test
- Conducting an effective remote audit
- Why wont my bugs grow?

And lots more...!

Do go to the website to view the agendas

Take care and stay safe
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