Monday 4 January 2021

Hot topics in Pharmaceutical Microbiology



Tim Sandle has taken part in several roundtables examining topics relating to pharmaceutical microbiology, plus microbiology in general and sterile manufacturing. This is with a focus on key topics and emerging trends.

The different questions and answers have been compiled by Pharmig News into an article. Here is an extract:

As technology advances, pharmaceutical manufacturers should be making the most of the best available solutions to enhance aseptic practices. With sterile manufacturing, for instance, the wider availability of single-use, sterile disposable technologies should be being designed into the process. This extends from bioreactors to biocontainer bags for taking samples for bioburden analysis.

Perhaps the most important single invention in recent years is the aseptic connector. These provide secure, simple, and economical connection for high fluid throughput in upstream

and downstream and eliminate the risk that is presented from the gloved hands of personnel attempting to make a connection. With aseptically filled products, ideally there are no connections downstream from the final sterilizing grade filter.

The reference is:

Sandle, T. (2020) Hot topics in pharmaceutical microbiology for 2020, Pharmig News, 81, pp8-9

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