Thursday 14 January 2021

PharmaFlow vows to inject transformational strategy into biopharmaceutical value-chains


Industry-leading biopharmaceutical supply-chain management consultancy PharmaFlow has today repositioned itself in the market with the launch of a brand-new website and business proposition.

Aimed at drug developers, manufacturers, service providers and suppliers, PharmaFlow are transforming biopharmaceutical value-chains through the provision of strategically tailored action plans to profitably leverage opportunities and address challenges.

Founded in 2005 by Hedley Rees, managing consultant, PharmaFlow has established itself as the ‘go-to’ consultancy for strategic, unconflicted advice across all areas of the biopharmaceutical value-chain. PharamaFlow’s unrivalled client service will remain unchallengeable in its suite of new services founded on consultancy and client education programmes.

Complementing Hedley’s decades of experience in the industry are a variety of expert subject matter consultants, including:

·         Chris Morgan, Advanced Therapy Manufacturing and Quality

·         Michael Stewart, Pharmacy and Medical Writing

·         Adele Sanders, Management Systems and Compliance

·         Gareth Morris-Stiff, Clinical Development and Patient Experience

In addition, for wider scope projects, PharmaFlow has an extensive network of collaborators, including:

·         Ed Narke, Principal and Regulatory Managing Director – DSI Informatics

·         Jenny Murray, Managing Director of Life Science Group Ltd

·         Tim Sandle, Editor, GMP Review

·         Alan Kennedy, Director, TEAM Poseidon

·         Linda Kim, Founder & CEO, Cold Chain Platform

PharmaFlow client Chris Pollard, co-founder, director, and former CEO of TOWER Cold Chain Solutions, commented:

“2020 saw PharmaFlow undertake two commissions for TOWER. The first was to conduct a broad market appraisal to assess strategic objectives for TOWER’s reusable, passive, refrigerated shipping containers, and the second was to look at market prospects for a range of smaller (sub 100 litre) containers.

In each case PharmaFlow executed the project efficiently and on time, exhibiting valuable market knowledge and insights, and referencing an impressive range of relevant industry contacts. There is little doubt that TOWER will be turning to PharmaFlow again in 2021.”

Emphasising the benefits PharmaFlow can bring to stakeholders in the industry, Hedley said:

“We help organisations in biopharmaceutical value-chains build strategies to help them grow and prosper. In the post COVID-19 world, those strategies have to be based on integration, collaboration and patient-focussed innovation”.

For more information on PharmaFlow, click here, or contact Hedley on +447734 961726.

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