Wednesday 1 September 2021

Delving Into Antibiotic Resistance: The Why, How, And When


In recent times, antibiotic resistance of pathogens to drugs (antibiotics) directed towards the degrading properties of microbes in vivo has been on the increase both in the community and in the hospital. Antibiotics are exceptionally vital in clinical medicine for the treatment of bacterial related infections, but unfortunately bacteria are capable of developing resistance to them. Antibiotic resistance is a global health problem that has bedeviled our health sector worldwide, affecting both the developed and developing countries of the world.


They make infectious diseases very difficult to treat. The emergence of antibiotic resistance is a complex problem that is driven by many interconnected factors, of which the use and misuse of antimicrobial agents (antibiotics, antiseptics, disinfectants, and preservatives) amongst other factors, is the main driving force for the development of resistance. There is therefore a need to step up the process of discovering and developing novel antibiotics that will be stable to the evolving resistance nature of microbes.





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