Wednesday 29 September 2021

Robots in pharmaceutical manufacturing


Robots have become increasingly popular across all industries. While the manufacturing sector remains the most prominent, other areas are recognizing the benefits of these machines too. Robots in the pharmaceutical industry are playing an increasingly crucial role in the sector.  The pharmaceutical robot market was worth $64.37 million in 2016 and could surpass $119 million next year. Considering how these machines have supported the industry through the COVID-19 pandemic, that number could be higher.


While the word “robot” conjures up images of physical machines, not all robotics look like that. Some of the most promising pharmaceutical robots are software bots, which automate digital processes. Perhaps the most significant application for these bots is in drug discovery.


This article presents ten reasons why robots are so revolutionary for pharmaceuticals.


The details are:


Sandle, T. (2021) Ten reasons why pharmaceutical manufacturing robots are revolutionary, Pharma Machines and Technology, 15 (5): 32-36


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