Wednesday 26 January 2022

Climate change increases microbial diversity


Rising temperatures are causing a "growing diversity" of Vibrio bacteria in the sea around the UK, new research shows.


The study found two Vibrio species -- Vibrio rotiferianus and Vibrio jasicida - that have never been recorded in UK waters before. These species can harm sea creatures such as shellfish, but the increasing range of Vibrio species also raises concerns for human health.


Some Vibrio bacteria can cause gastroenteritis when eaten in raw or undercooked shellfish, and the bacteria can also cause skin infections. The researchers say the spread of Vibrio species has resulted in a "worldwide surge" of Vibriosis infections in humans and aquatic animals.



The key pattern for this is with sea-surface temperatures rising due to climate change. Understanding how these changes will affect ecologically and commercially important species and the people that rely on them will be crucial moving forward, in order to mitigate against them.


Journal Reference:


Jamie Harrison, Kathryn Nelson, Helen Morcrette, Cyril Morcrette, Joanne Preston, Luke Helmer, Richard W. Titball, Clive S. Butler, Sariqa Wagley. The increased prevalence of Vibrio species and the first reporting of Vibrio jasicida and Vibrio rotiferianus at UK shellfish sites.. Water Research, 2021; 117942 DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2021.117942


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