Monday 10 January 2022

Recent advances with rapid microbiological methods


Rapid microbiological methods continue to advance, with novel technologies appearing on the marketplace albeit more orientated towards general research or to the food quality sector rather than conventional pharmaceutical applications. This article, in acknowledging that pharmaceuticals continue to move forwards, examines some recent advances, drawing on technologies that have not been specifically developed for pharmaceuticals, but which have the potential to be applied in the future. This application could either be for research purposes or as a quality control test. The reason for this lateral approach is because rapid methods in the pharmaceutical sector are covered by such luminaries as Miller, Cundell and Moldenhauer; and also because it is interesting to consider which applications of microbiological technology might be influencing the area of pharmaceuticals and healthcare next. Because of this, some of the information presented will be simply informative as to current developments, other aspects may assist with later selection and adoption of the technologies.1 What pharma is good at is applying research and technology in novel ways.




Sandle, T.(2021) Still moving forwards: Recent advances with rapid microbiological methods, American Pharmaceutical Review, 24 (1): 10-14


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