Sunday 24 December 2023

Biogeography of fungi and associated priority pathogens


There are the fungal organisms that pose the greatest risk to human health worldwide. In all, fungi form the World Health Organisation (WHO) priority pathogens list (FPPL). One of the aims is to help to direct global health efforts to research into methods to tackle fungal pathogens, considering that many of the fungi and the diseases they causes represent unmet research and development areas in relation to public health importance.



Many fungal pathogens represent a major threat to public health and several are becoming increasingly common and resistant to treatment. This is in the context of there being only four classes of antifungal medicines commercially available. More concerningly, there are only a few candidates in the clinical pipeline. This article considers the main findings and implications arising from the WHO report.


Sandle, T. (2023) Biogeography of fungi and associated priority pathogens, Pharmig News, Issue 91, pp14-17


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