Monday 18 March 2013

Studying the bacterial community of the skin

A study has been undertaken of the bacterial community of the skin. The research was undertaken by Elizabeth Grice of the National Institutes of Health (USA). Grice studied bacteria on 20 different body parts.

The research found that certain types of skin-dwelling bacteria thrive in warm, moist places like armpits and between toes. Others microorganisms prefer wide, dry expanses like the backside. The research also showed each person's collection of bacteria is unique -- like fingerprints. However, unlike fingerprints, the bacterial communities can change depending on your diet, environment, health, age and many other factors.

The research also showed that certain diseases, like diabetes, also affect the bacteria on the skin. A major complication of diabetes is sores, or ulcers, on the feet that never heal. Grice suspects that high blood sugar, which is known to change the skin's structure, likely encourages a specific subset of bacteria to grow.

For further details see BodyBacteria

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