Friday 8 March 2013

To Catch a Virus (book)

Interesting new book:  To Catch a Virus

Expert storytellers weave together the science, technological advances, medical urgencies, and human stories that chronicle the development of the field of diagnostic virology.

Follows historical discoveries that defined viruses and their roles in infectious diseases over a century of developments, epidemics, and molecular advances, and continuing into the 21st century with AIDS, HIV, and a future that in no way resembles the past.

Features the great names and personalities of diagnostic virology, their contributions, their associations, and their challenges to prove findings that some considered fantasy.

Describes how scientists applied revolutionary technologies, studying viruses, first in animal models and tissue culture and progressing to molecular and genetic techniques.

Appeals to the pioneer and adventure-seeker who is interested in how a scientific field evolves.

Hardcover, 392 pages, illustrations, index.

For further details and to order, see the link below:

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