Wednesday 12 June 2013

Disinfectant validation

Disinfectants used in hospitals and biopharmaceutical facilities should be selected with care, not least to show that they are compatible with the detergents used to clean, with the surfaces intended to be disinfected and with each other. In an exclusive extract from ‘The CDC Handbook: A Guide to Cleaning & Disinfecting Cleanrooms’, Dr Tim Sandle has outlined the essential requirements for the validation of disinfectants, focusing upon European standards.

The article focuses on the European approach to disinfectant validation. The standard European approach for disinfectant validation consists of a basic suspension test, a quantitative suspension test (with low and high levels of organic material added to act as ‘interfering substances’) and a two part simulated-use surface test.

The extract has been published in the journal EuropeanMedical Hygiene. To subscribe to the journal go to:

If anyone would like a copy of the article, please contact Tim Sandle.

The reference is:

Sandle, T. (2012). Ensuring Contamination Control: The validation of disinfectants, European Medical Hygiene, November 2012, pp33-39

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