Saturday 29 June 2013

Rapid method of pathogen identification

Researchers at the University of Toronto have created an electronic chip that can analyze blood and other clinical samples for infectious bacteria at very fast speeds. The new technology, reported in the journal Nature Communications, can identify the pathogen in a matter of minutes, and looks for many different bacteria and drug resistance markers in parallel, allowing rapid and specific identification of infectious agents.

The researchers developed an integrated circuit that could detect bacteria at concentrations found in patients presenting with a urinary tract infection. One key to the advance was the design of an integrated circuit that could accommodate a panel of many biomarkers.

For further details, see:

Brian Lam, Jagotamoy Das, Richard D. Holmes, Ludovic Live, Andrew Sage, Edward H. Sargent, Shana O. Kelley. Solution-based circuits enable rapid and multiplexed pathogen detection. Nature Communications, 2013

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