Wednesday 18 June 2014

MHRA Business Plan for 2014-15

The U.K. medicines regulatory, the MHRA has published its business plan for 2014-15.

This document sets out key work over the next year to progress MHRA’s 2013-18 Corporate Plan and how it will respond to the challenges and opportunities ahead.

These challenges include:
  • Section 4 Safe medicines and devices and secure supply in globalised industries where MHRA objectives are stated as:
  • Collaborate with other regulators to achieve a convergence of standards and practice, and make better use of global inspection audit and resources.
  • Ensure the quality of medicinal products on the market and act to avoid shortages.
  • Tackle the increasing risk of the illegal supply of medicines and devices.
  • Develop biological standards to underpin manufacturing consistency and dosing accuracy of biologics.

For more details, see MHRA

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