Saturday 21 June 2014

Public consultation: use of antibiotics in animals

The European Medicines Agency has launched a public consultation concerning the use of antibiotics in animals.

One of the topics included is:

“Advice what the possible impact could be on the treatment of resistant bacteria in humans of granting marketing authorisations for new classes of veterinary antibiotics, and whether there is a need to restrict or ban the use in animals of certain new classes of antimicrobials or antibiotic substances (especially those that are important in human medicine) that are currently not authorised. It is stressed that the advice could discuss a positive impact (for example, better management of resistance in animals) or a negative impact (for example, increased risk of development of resistance in humans).”

A second important area is:

“Advice on the risk mitigation options [alternatives], including an assessment of costs and benefits, related with the use of certain classes of antibiotics or antibiotic substances that are of critical importance in human medicine and are currently authorised as veterinary medicinal products.”

To access the document, go to EMA

Thanks to Brian Matthews for the information.

Posted by Tim Sandle

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