Monday 28 July 2014

Selecting cleanroom disinfectants

One of the more difficult tasks facing pharmaceutical organisations is with the selection of disinfectants, particularly in ensuring that the disinfectants selected are appropriate and that the effectiveness of the disinfectants are periodically assessed. The need for a scientific rationale for the selection of disinfectants is outlined in the USP Chapter <1072> ‘Selection of a Disinfectant for Use in a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environment’. The selection of a disinfectant involves the careful consideration of a number of factors and this article outlines the most important factors which need to be taken into account. This article provides an overview of disinfectants and can be used as a guideline for those who manage cleanrooms and for those tasked with auditing and assessing cleanrooms. This represents an important area for discussion between the contract pharmaceutical organisation and the user.

In relation to this, Tim Sandle has written an article for the A3P publication i. The reference is:

Sandle, T. (2014) Selecting cleanroom disinfectants, La Vague, Issue 42, pp28-31

If you are interested in reading a copy, please contact TimSandle.

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