Friday 4 July 2014

The Importance of Biological Safety

Biological safety is about ensuring that individuals, products and the environment as a whole are all kept as safe as possible from hazardous biological materials. Not only are more and more stringent rules being placed on businesses dealing with biological matter, but the public perception of how companies deal with such matter has also never been as important for the continued success of an organisation as it is today.

Ensuring that employees and technicians have the right training and the right tools may not only make a difference to the success of a project but also to the safety of those within the laboratory environment, the reputation of an organisation and even the chances of them seeing significant profits or attracting suitable funding in the future.

Safety products

Biological safety products such as the laminar flow cabinets available from companies like CAS are designed to protect against the most common threats posed by biological agents. Not only will such cabinets protect the individuals carrying out any work with potentially dangerous biological materials, but they will also help to preserve the integrity of the materials themselves, ensuring that important work is not ruined by contamination.

In turn, the importance of biological safety is not just about safeguarding individuals in the immediate future. Instead, by improving the safety of the materials being used in experiments or research, the right focus on safety may also simply ensure the best possible results and help to make certain that important scientific advances are made sooner rather than later, and that simple mistakes do not ruin the chances of the desired results being achieved. As such, safety is also about protecting the world as a whole through bringing about important scientific breakthroughs.

Sourcing biological safety equipment

When it comes to biological safety, ‘one-size-fits-all’ will not apply. As in any scientific realm, the importance of altering approaches based on given variables is vital and when it comes to choosing the likes of biological safety cabinets, it will be important to choose a solution that will more than adequately satisfy your needs.

However, choosing the right classification of cabinet is not the only thing that will affect the suitability of your solution. To keep your air clean, your environment uncontaminated and your personnel safe, it will be wise to research companies before you buy to ensure that you source such products from a reputable firm with a proven record of success. Furthermore, you may also then wish to speak to the very same specialist companies to make sure that the safety products you choose are indeed the most suitable ones for your own unique needs and processes, as well as the materials you need to handle and contain.


As well as safety solutions such as laminar flow cabinets, biosafety courses will also be important, and even those well-versed in best laboratory practices may find that undertaking certain training courses can be helpful, keeping them completely up to date with current legislation and making sure that they also are able to learn more about the way in which new technologies could be shaping safety within the laboratory. However, for the most part, training will simply be necessary to make certain that individuals know how to keep themselves, their work and the environment as safe as possible as the biological world around them evolves.
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