Sunday 28 December 2014

GMPs for food products: disinfection

A new paper of interest by Sofija Petkovska1 and Biljana Gjorgjeska, in relation to food hygiene control, published in Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design.

The abstract reads:

The usage of different disinfectants in the food and pharmaceutical industry provides a possibility for application of certain level of assurance related to microbiological cleanness by using different types of disinfectants which have different spectrum of operation. Used disinfectants residues which stay on the critical points of the equipment after cleaning become potential contaminants of the products and they can be unsafe for the users’ health. Because of this reasons, the Good Manufacture Practice standards recommend validation of the production equipment cleaning procedures including the aspects of microbiological cleanness
and determination of residues of disinfectants.

According to the Republic of Macedonia regulation acts, an application of HACCP system is recommended which will provide safe food with good quality. The methods and control points described in the general principles of this standard are internationally recognized and are from essential meaning. We would recommend in the control of the residues of disinfectants the general principles of HACCP to be used together with the principles of Good Manufacture Practice (GMP) which is well known standard recommended for pharmaceutical production. The validation plan should include determination of the residue quantity of the disinfectant after cleaning with the disinfectant used. The control method for determination of the residue quantity depends on the chemical characteristics of the disinfectant used. In general, specific methods that are sensitive and give possibility for the detection and quantification of selected disinfectant should be used.

Foe details, see food micro.

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