Wednesday 24 December 2014

Risk based environmental monitoring webinar

Stay current with industry best practices for Environmental  Monitoring. Join us for an educational webinar on how  to implement a Risk-Based approach with your current Environmental Program.  

Topics covered include:
  • Proven risk assessment techniques designed to develop or simply fine-tune your EM program.
  • How the use of environmental monitoring software improves your program through continuous monitoring ensuring a state of control.
  • Actual case studies that illustrate examples of key concepts.
  • How to achieve Lean Manufacturing through the use of such techniques.
Dr. Tim Sandle, Experienced Microbiologist, Quality Professional, Auditor & Technical Writer
Ilona Endisch , Associate Director of Product Innovation at Novatek International

Registrations will open in January 2015, however please  reserve your place today. We look forward to having you join us at this event!

Event organized by Novatek International:

To register, go to Novatek.

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