Monday 4 May 2015

Medical conditions regarding heart failure

The increased incidence of cardiovascular diseases among adults causes interests in the study of pathologies of this functional system. In this context, it is envisaged that cardiovascular diseases, in addition to the clinical aspect, draw attention from a medical standpoint to the involvement of other organs belonging to other apparatus and systems. From this perspective, this study highlights the imagistic and structural aspects of cardiovascular disease and structural aspects of the disease prior to its installation, focusing on the organs involved with cardiovascular diseases. This study refers specifically to the conventional imagistic features that suggest heart failure and its evolution with possible decompensation. In order to extend this study, references to the normal structural aspects were made, regarding the organs and systems involved in the pathology of previously mentioned pathology, with their integrity before the onset of the disease.

This is the introduction to a new paper by Tim Sandle and colleagues from the Transilvania - University of Bra┼čov.

The reference is:

Sandle, T., Gyurka, G.A. and Chesca, A. (2015) Medical conditions regarding heart failure, ACTA Medica Transilvanica, 20(1):39-41

If you are interested in reading a copy, please contact Tim Sandle.

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