Sunday 31 May 2015

Sporicides – As Part Of Your Transfer Process (course)

Pharmig are hosting a new course about sporicidal disinfection.

Aims of the Course:

· To provide a comprehensive overview of the risks associated with bacterial spores with the aseptic preparation environment

· To review the recent incidents causing harm to patients

· To highlight the requirements of the MHRA Guidance to Specials Manufacturers 2015

· To consider the types of sproicidal agents available on the market and the limitations of their use

· To enable the user to interpret the methods adopted to validate disinfection efficacy

· To develop best practice for the transfer disinfection process and potential alternatives

Speakers: Tim Sandle, Tim Sizer, Mark Oldcorne, Rachel Blount

Date: Wednesday 1st July, 2015

Venue: Best Western Plus Manor Hotel, Solihull, U.K.

Details: Please see below or email Pharmig.

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