Saturday 23 May 2015

Protecting Antibiotics

Only one quarter of countries have an action plan to address antibiotic resistance. This according to a new survey by the World Health Organization (WHO).
The headline from the WHO report is that around the world the sale of antibiotics over-the-counter is “widespread.” Furthermore, it is very rare that nations track resistance to the drugs or put in place measures to slowdown their over-use.
With the report, WHO surveyed 133 national governments to assess their plans for the growing threat of antibiotic resistance. Of these, only thirty-four reported that they had a detailed national plan in place. This number included four of 26 responding countries in the Western Pacific, five of 11 countries in southeast Asia, 40 percent of European respondents. Interestingly, none in the eastern Mediterranean region nations and only three of 26 countries in the Americas had any measures. In Africa, the data were incomplete, but responses from eight countries indicated a growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

For more details, see TLN.

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