Sunday 25 October 2015

Advancing Biopharma Analysis with Light-Scattering Detection

An e-book of interest has been issued:

To characterize biopharmaceuticals, particularly monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), you need a complete toolbox of powerful tools.

The key points:
  • How light scattering works
  • Current uses of light-scattering, such as:
  • Determining absolute molecular weight
  • Studying PEGylated proteins
  • Characterizing antibody-drug conjugates
  • Studying protein aggregation
  • When to use light-scattering detection, and when to use mass spectrometry
  • Why you should consider light-scattering to determine the drug-antibody ratio of antibody-drug conjugates, and for effective characterization of the chemical, thermal, and colloidal stability of ADCs
To view the book, go to: Chromatography Online

Posted by Tim Sandle

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