Friday 30 October 2015

Biopharma Operational Excellence

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has issued an e-book on “Biopharma Operational Excellence”.

Operationally, biopharmaceutical manufacturing is challenging and complex. Fortunately, process innovation and new upstream and downstream technologies are allowing drug makers to take formulations from development to commercial scale faster and more cost-efficiently.

The articles that follow offer information and practical advice on navigating the biopharma space to deliver more successful operations and safer drugs:
  • Time for a New Prescription
  • Critical Trends Driving Biomanufacturing Production Strategies
  • Applying Single-Use Efficiences to Room-to-Room Fluid Transfer
  • Value Delivery's Next Chapter
  • Where is Biopharma in the PAT Picture?

For details see: Pharma Manufct

Posted by Tim Sandle

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