Saturday 24 October 2015

Modular Cleanroom Systems

The benefits of modular cleanroom systems have remained relatively consistent over the years. They feature a quick and clean installation process, consistent product quality, reduced construction time, certain tax advantages, and “green” benefits resulting from a reduced material waste.

Wayne McGee has written an interesting article on the subject for Controlled Environments magazine. An extract reads:

The main types of modular cleanrooms are:

Softwall cleanroom systems - Softwall cleanrooms provide an economical solution to applications requiring light environmental control.

Structural post and panel systems - The core product for many modular manufacturers and suppliers consists of an “all-purpose” system that can be utilized for a variety of applications from GMP rooms to specific ISO classes.

Framing/partitioning systems - Due to the critical environmental conditions that are demanded in precision microelectronics manufacturing and nanotechnology applications, cleanrooms in these industries have typically required systems that integrated well with the equipment needed to run these operations.

Aseptic systems - Due to the unique needs and requirements found within the biomedical, life science, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, modular cleanroom manufacturers have developed systems exclusively for these markets.

To access the article, see Controlled Environments.

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