Thursday 31 March 2016

Current Perspectives USP Microbial Identification

Microbial identification is the determination of the broad group (eg, bacteria, yeast, or mold) or narrow group (e.g., genus and / or species) to a qui microorganism belongs to.

Microbial characterization is the use of colony growth, cellular morphology, differential staining, and key diagnostic features to characterize a laboratory isolate for trending and investigative Purposes without identification, example, nonpathogenic Staphylococci.

Microorganisms, if detected in drug substances, excipients, water for pharmaceutical use, the manufacturing environment, intermediates, and finished drug products, UNDERGO typically characterization. This May include identification and strain typing, as considers.

In relation to the above, Radhakrishna S. Tirumalai, Ph.D. has written an interesting article for the magazine La Vague. The article can be found here.

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