Sunday 15 October 2023

Getting there faster: New developments in rapid microbiology


Improving the time-to-result and doing so with greater accuracy has become a topic of concern for the microbiology laboratory as much as it has for other economic sectors. Achieving the result early may improve the chances of patient survival or it may help a firm to reduce inventory hold times.


There is a wide spectrumof rapid microbiological methods available, albeit some are at a more advanced stage than others. Technologies vary although the generally share the ability to capture data digitally and they offer greater accuracy and specificity. Such methods are also shifting the traditional skill sets found in microbiology laboratories towards biochemistry and biomedical engineering.



Focusing on innovations within the rapid microbiology space that have occurred during the past 12-18 months (2021 to 2022), this article surveys and explains some of the most promising rapid microbiological innovations.


Sandle, T. (2022) Getting there faster: New developments in rapid microbiology, Microbioz India, 8 (12): 12-19


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