Wednesday 30 October 2013

Control of hospital water systems

Several factors are involved in the contamination of hospital water systems and there are a variety of good practices that should be considered for maintaining control. Invariably various contamination events are featured in news reports, and at times these have both clinical and economic significance.

To explore some of the origins of contamination and to consider some of the ‘good practices’ that can be adopted to reduce contamination incidences, Tim Sandle has written a discussion article for The Clinical Services Journal.

The article covers such areas as: staff practices, good system design, sanitisation methods, equipment segregation, control of tubing, point-of-use issues and the primary types of contaminants.

The reference for the article is:

Sandle, T. (2013). Avoiding Contamination of Water Systems, The Clinical Services Journal, 12 (9):  33-36

For a copy of the article, please contact TimSandle.

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