Monday 21 October 2013

Implications of the Human Microbiome on Pharmaceutical Microbiology

The human body is a composite of human cells that survive interdependently alongside complex, interconnected microbial populations, their genetic elements (genomes), and environmental interactions.  Collectively, this is known as the human microbiome.

The further of information about the human microbiome has a significant impact upon pharmaceutical microbiology. This includes the development, production, and use of therapeutic products, as well as the controlled environments within which medicinal products are produced.

To explore these themes further, Cara Wilder, Tim Sandle and Scott Sutton have written a review article for the American Pharmaceutical Review.

The article can also be viewed on-line.

The reference for the article is:

Wilder, C., Sandle, T. and Sutton, S. (2013). Implications of the Human Microbiome on Pharmaceutical Microbiology, American Pharmaceutical Review, 16 (5): 17-21

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