Friday 11 October 2013

Pathogen Safety Summit

Pharmaceutical Microbiology is pleased to be a media partner with the 2013 Pathogen Safety Summit.

The theme this year is 'Ensuring quality in raw materials, new technology use and data presentation'. The details are:

Focusing on advanced heuristics to contain known and emerging pathogens quickly and effectively, key topics covered this year include:
  • Deep sequencing for quality and in-process control testing
  • Single-use virus nanofiltration systems in downstream processing
  • Regulatory guidance on ensuring the safe provision of raw materials
  • Sterile manufacturing for advanced therapy medicinal products including cell and gene therapies
  • Responding to mycoplasma, virus, prion and bacterial contamination
  • Techniques to remove and inactivate pathogens without degrading raw materials
  • Formatting data from massively parallel sequencing for regulatory approval
Following the success of last year’s crisis management session, this year’s meeting again enables you to calmly pool, apply and receive feedback on what to do when contamination is reported. In addition, round-table discussions and workshops distil the essentials of identifying, understanding and responding to in silico, in vitro and in situ results.

Join us in Munich to apply lessons learned by regulators, industry experts and academic representatives on avoiding, detecting and removing contamination.

Posted by Tim Sandle

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