Monday 10 March 2014

Addressing antibiotic resistance

Humans face the very real risk of a future without antibiotics. The implications of this are that life expectancy could fall due to people dying from diseases that are readily treatable today. One concern for the future is the re- emergence of diseases that are ‘officially’ extinct, such as tuberculosis (a disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis). The other concern is that without effective antibiotics, human society will no longer be able to conduct the types of medical procedures that can lead to immunosuppression. Such therapies include those for cancer treatments or to address autoimmune disorders.

With regard to this serious issue, Tim Sandle has written a review article for the journal Microbiology & Infectious Diseases. The article can be accessed on-line here: SOJ Microbiology and Infectious Diseases or, alternatively, contact Tim Sandle.

Sandle, T. (2014) Novel Methods to Address Antimicrobial Resistance, SOJ Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 2 (1): 2-3

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