Thursday 20 March 2014

Spotlight on pharmaceutical microbiology: Tim Sandle interview

As part of a feature on pharmaceutical microbiology, Tim Sandle has been interviewed by Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing. The interview appears in the current edition (Vol. 2, Issue 1).

Tim Sandle is Head of Microbiology at Bio Products Laboratory (Hertfordshire, UK). In addition, he is a visiting tutor with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Manchester (Manchester, UK) where he teaches the University’s pharmaceutical microbiology MSc course. Sandle serves on several national and international committees including the microbiology society Pharmig (Hertfordshire, UK). Sandle has written almost three hundred book chapters, peer-reviewed papers and technical articles relating to microbiology, as well as being the author or co-editor of eight books. Sandle runs a microbiology discussion site, Pharmaceutical Microbiology. Sandle spoke to Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing for the first in a series of interviews on pharmaceutical microbiology.

To read the interview, go to Pharmaceutical Bioprocessing.

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