Thursday 8 May 2014

Contamination Control Under Foot

Tim Sandle has written an article for Controlled Environments Magazine on the control of contamination in cleanrooms, with a focus on microorganisms transferred in on feet or via cart wheels.

Here is an extract:

“One area of concern is the entry of personnel and the movement of equipment into and out of cleanrooms. Traditional ways to control these activities have centered on gowning techniques and the cleaning of equipment. To accomplish this, cleanroom mats are frequently used to remove particles from footwear and from trolley wheels. Research undertaken at an independent laboratory—and described in this article—evaluates the performance of temporary adhesive mats and semi-permanent polymeric flooring in retaining contamination from footwear, and particle generation from removing layers of the adhesive mats.”

To read the article, go to Controlled Environments

Posted by Tim Sandle

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