Sunday 18 May 2014

Mechanisms for Inflammation Due to Super-Low Dose Endotoxin

Individuals with certain health conditions or with poor lifestyles often suffer with inflammation due to low-level endotoxemia. This can lead to chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Recent work from scientists at Virginia Tech and published in The Journal of Biological Chemistry have elucidated the mechanisms that differentiate super-low dose endotoxemia from medium- to high-dose endotoxemia, where the pro-inflammatory response is tempered by an anti-inflammatory response. These results highlight the importance of low-level endotoxin, give insight into the role of endotoxin tolerance and provide a potential therapeutic target for chronic inflammation.

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms Responsible for Cellular Stress and Low-Grade Inflammation Induced by Super-Low Dose Endotoxin

Scientists at BioDtech, Inc. have measured previously undetectable levels of endotoxin which could cause activation of the immune system. BioDtech products are designed to more accurately detect endotoxin and remove it from proteins and DNA.

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