Monday 18 August 2014

Advances in GC-MS Analysis of Pesticides

A new e-book of interest has been released. In the book, authors from the US Department of Agriculture, academia, and a European Union Reference Laboratory discuss advances in the analysis of pesticide residues using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) methods.

Articles include discussions of:
  • How to improve detection limits and reduce matrix interferences to extend the range of pesticides that can be analyzed with GC
  • The advantages of negative chemical ionization (NCI) instead of electron ionization (ESI)
  • Using tandem mass spectrometry in SRM mode to improve selectivity
  • Lowering detection limits through large-volume injection (LVI) using cold on-column injection or a programmable-temperature vaporizer
  • The benefits of using an accurate-mass database for screening pesticides by GC-TOF-MS
  • A comparison of qualitative and quantitative results obtained using GC­–TOF-MS and GC-triple-quadrupole MS
  • Sample preparation using QuEChERS with acetonitrile extraction and dispersive solid-phase extraction (dSPE)
  • An evaluation and comparison of three dSPE sorbent combinations, comparing cleanup efficiency and contaminant recovery

For details see: Advanstar

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