Sunday 17 August 2014

Clean Air and Containment Review

A new edition of Clean Air and Containment Review is available (issue 19). The features in the new edition include:

Main features
Isolators and the User Requirement Specification (URS):
How to avoid making your solicitors rich and your company poor
Tim Coles
Abstract →
A history of isolator and containment technology
Part 2: Flexible film isolators
Doug Thorogood
Abstract →
The HEPA filter installation leak test:
Factors influencing the test result and assessing the risk of a pass
Stephen Ryan
Abstract →
Regulatory reflections
Non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing:
USP chapter in development
Tim Sandle
Book review
Review of 'Pharmaceutical Regulatory Inspections' edited by Madhu Raju Saghee
James H Filer

For further details see CACR.

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