Tuesday 8 September 2015

Ebola virus disease: international epidemiology summary

A total of 28,109 clinically compatible cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD)  (15,226 confirmed) including 11,305 deaths, have been reported associated with the West African outbreak. In some areas the number of cases have been underestimated

During August 2015, a total of six cases have been reported, five in Guinea and one in Sierra Leone. The Guinean cases have been reported in two prefectures, Conakry the capital (four cases) and Dubr├ęka (one case), with ongoing occurrence of cases emerging from unknown sources. The single case in Sierra Leone was detected following a community death in the district of Kambia, an area which last reported a case in early July. Investigations into the source of infection for this case continue. Vaccination is currently being undertaken in Guinea and Sierra Leone of all adult contacts of confirmed cases.

Following 42 days since the second negative test on the last case, Liberia was declared EVD transmission free on 3 September and now enters a 90 day period of heightened vigilance.

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