Monday 14 September 2015

From Head to Toe: Mapping Fungi across Human Skin

The collected of data from the Human Microbiome Project has enabled microbiologists to develop an ecological map of the human body, both inside and outside. Many of the findings have extended, or even turned upside down, what was previously known about the relationship between humans and microorganisms.

One of the most interesting areas related to fungi, especially in advancing our understanding about fungal types, locations and numbers and how this affects health and disease. With this fungal and bacteria diversity do not correlate; some parts of the body have a greater prevalence of bacteria (such as the arms) whereas fungi are found in closer association with feet.

To review some of the more recent literature on fungi associated with human skin, Tim Sandle has written a short review paper for EC Microbiology.

The reference is:

Sandle, T. “From Head to Toe: Mapping Fungi across Human Skin”. EC Microbiology 2.1 (2015): 211-213

To request a copy, please contact Tim Sandle

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