Tuesday 22 September 2015

Identification of Helicobacter species

Public health England has issued “UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations ID 26: identification of Helicobacter species.”

Helicobacter species are helical, curved or straight Gram negative organisms, 0.5-1.0μm x 2.5-5.0μm long with rounded ends. In older cultures the organisms appear as coccoid bodies with an associated loss in culturability. Endospores are not formed. They have a rapid darting motility by means of multiple sheathed flagella that are unipolar or bipolar and lateral with terminal bulbs. There is considerable diversity among species in flagellum morphology. Flagella are typically sheathed; for example, H. pylori have multiple (four to eight per cell) mono-polar sheathed flagella with terminal knobs, whilst others have unsheathed flagella.

The document provides guidance about the identification of these organisms. To access the document, see Public Health England.

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