Tuesday 9 February 2016

Secrets of marine microbes

Considerable successes in the isolation and cultivation of marine microbial strains has been made by the MaCuMBA (Marine Microorganisms: Cultivation Methods for Improving their Biotechnological Applications) project.

The project sets out to uncover the diversity of marine microbes using cultivation-dependent strategies.

As part of the project, University of Western Brittany (UBO) in Brest, France, have isolated 11 new genera of alpha- and gammaproteobacteria and six other genera using anaerobic cultivation techniques.

In addition, University of Warwick (UW) have discovered that while the marine cyanobacterium (bacteria that obtain their energy through photosynthesis) Synechococcus sp. entered the death phase after five to six weeks in pure culture, when it was co-cultivated with the marine heterotrophic bacterium (bacteria which require organic compounds for nourishment) Rugeria sp., cells of both genera remained in stationary phase (with equal growth and death rates) and viable up to six months.

The key outcomes of MaCuMBA will be presented at its Final International Industry event entitled 'The Marine Microbiome -- Discovery & Innovation', which will be held in Berlin, Germany, from 27-30 June 2016.

Posted by Dr. Tim Sandle

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