Tuesday 21 May 2013

Clean Air and Containment Review

A new edition of the important journal Clean Air and Containment Review has been issued.

Among the highlights in the fourteenth issue are:
  • Removal efficiency of high efficiency air filters against microbe-carrying particles (MCPs) in cleanroomsBill Whyte et al
  • Energy saving opportunities in cooling systems for cleanroomsGordon Farquharson
  • Fans with EC (electronically commuted) motorsGunter Streng
  • New Cleanroom Energy Management Standard:BS 8568:2013 - Cleanroom energy - Code of practice for improving energy efficiency in cleanrooms and clean air devicesDick Gibbons
  • Revision of ISO 14698 - Biocontamination control:Personal reflections on what might be desirableTim Sandle
For further details, see CACR.

Posted by Tim Sandle

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